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New Art

Updated , June , 6 , 2024 by Katerina
Nightingale's Song Underwater Oasis Singing to the Moon Hydrangeas Floral Mermaid

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Kutie Bella

Original sketch SOLD 8.5x11 pencil graphite sketch , 2023 Coloring pages available at my Etsy shop

Bella belongs to my friend Cheryl Austin Ross and this is bella's story:

Bella is so honored to be chosen as a Pet Kutie. Katerina Arts adorable new line in the wonderful world of pets. Bellas full name is Bella Mae. She is a Yorkshire Terrier also known as Yorkies. A toy breed with the heart of a lion. She is 6 years old and came to me because her human passed away shortly after my husband. We both needed our hearts healed. Bella had been in a puppy mill used just as a breeder until she was rescued. \When she could no longer have puppies they just tossed her aside. She only weighed 2 lbs when she was rescued. She was brought back to health and then given to the lady that kept her. She had her two years before she she passed away.

She may be tiny but she is a fighter. In her eyes she is larger than any bear in this world and definitely more ferocious! I am so thankful I had the opportunity to give her a forever home. She has brought a lot of laughter and sunshine to all our lives except for Kitty. Bella is a true believer in chasing cats for they a dogs mortal enemy. And because it is just fun! I would love for her story to be known so maybe others will think hard when they consider getting a pet. Perhaps instead of going to breeders for an amazing puppy check out those that need adopted. Also if you do buy from a breeder always ask to see the kennels. And request references. I have two rescue fur pups and they are so grateful and loving. I hope you all enjoy your time with Bella as much as I enjoy her. I cannot wait to see the beautiful images and will be sure to show Bella also. TYSM

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