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Discover Katerina Koukiotis' captivating world of stunning portraits and fantasy paintings. Our collection of exquisite realism-style prints and artworks is perfect for collectors and gift-givers seeking one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Immerse yourself in the wonder!


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Updated , July , 19 , 2024 by Katerina
Free as a Bird Tangled in Roses Nightingale's Song Underwater Oasis Hydrangeas

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My drawings , sketches, paintings are ALL HAND DRAWN .

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Licensing Art

If you would like to use my artwork to sell your products a signed licensed agreement is needed.You may NOT use my art on any product without a signed contract. Feel free to Contact Me to discuss a licensing contract.

Companies that have Licensed my Artwork:

Heaven and Earth Designs-Cross Stitch Patterns

sweetpeastamps.com - Rubber Stamps / Digital Stamps

Digital Art Heaven - PSP Tubes

Ellen Million Graphics - Prints, stickers etc..


All artwork copyrights including Original & Commissioned artworks(sold or otherwise) belong to the artist. No reproduction or distribution allowed without permission of Katerina Koukiotis.If you seen my art being mis-used, please Contact Me

For anyone who would like to use my work in personal NON profit sites you are welcome too , I would appreciate it though if you asked my permission first and with credit to my name and website being visible on my artwork and your website.

I receive a lot of questions regarding graphics, tubing,myspace layouts and so on... My art is licensed and available for this use for purchase from Digital Art Heaven - PSP Tubes **coming soon **

My artworks are now licensed with Digital Art Heavenfor psp tubes.

*If you have purchased one of my artworks which has not yet been tubed by them and would like to request that it is, please contact Digital Art Heaven - PSP Tubes and they will be happy to oblige in the briefest possible delay.
*If you have an psp tube that has been purchased from another company, and you would like to exchange the license for one at digital art heaven please contact Digital Art Heaven - PSP Tubes if the image is in their store they will replace your tube with one of their own and provide you with a new license number.
Please note that you are not obliged to exchange your license. If you have bought a license from myself or any other company, then it remains valid for life.

Regarding Tattoos-if you're a tattoo artist you may NOT use my art commercially without a signed license agreement.If you're a fan and would like to tattoo one of my artworks on your body you may but please first buy a print of the artwork this will help also the tattoo artist to work from a good quality picture. If you would like me to draw a custom made tattoo feel free to commission me.Please read my Commission Info

Hotlinking is NOT allowed,you may NOT copy my atrwork links and post them in forums or websites, please respect the fact i pay for my website hosting services and bandwidth , if needed to save an image such as a banner please save it on your computer and upload it to your own hosting service,thank you so much.


Below are Some common Art questions I'm often asked....

Have you Attended Any Art Classes?I'm a self taught artist, I never received any formal art of training except common art classes we receive as youngsters in school .

How do you create your art ,what art materials do you use? My style of art is realism, I draw and create from reference and Imagination. I Often get ideas which i rough sketch and then try and find the right reference to work from i often use stock models for my art .My primary art mediums are graphite (pencil) which i love,color pencils,watercolors & acrylics. I have a few Tutorials posted on my website you can check out to view in detail how i work.

How long does an artwork take you?It's really hard to say each artwork has it's own time frame, it all depends on the complexity and size of the artwork, a pencil portrait can take anywhere from 20 to 36 hours of work , a painting sometimes much longer . I take care not only of the artwork but the printing,packaging, designing,producing my own art products,it can take a lot of time,energy, and patience.I also have my personal life and errands/emergencies to tend ,i do my best to balance everything.

Do you work in a studio? I work from my home studio.

Do you do art for FREE? No I'm sorry i don't. Art is not just a hobby for me, it's what i do for a living . Ask any artist and they will tell you trying to make a living as an artist is not easy,plus art materials are costly.I donated proceeds from my artworks to charities i choose to support, but as far as receiving request for free art the answer is no.

Do you take commission requests? Yes i do, please check my My Commission Info for pricing and details.

Do you License your artwork? Yes i do, please check my License Info.I have the pleasure having my artwork licensed with wonderful professional companies.If you would like to license my artwork feel free to contact me.

What Inspires You? Anything and everything inspires me! :) Ever since i was little my favorite books to read were fairy tales , fantasy related stories and Greek Mythology, to this day the same subjects inspire my artwork, inspiration comes from a lot of different things music, people, nature,books,life.

Your Favorite Artists? Listing all my favorite artists from classic to current artists would be almost impossible because there are just too many artists i admire. Classic Pre-Raphaelites Neoclassic artists like John William Waterhouse,John William Godward will always remain my favorites, i get lost in their paintings the way they combined mythology,history and beauty is beautiful and i hope one day my art can evoke the same feelings in people.

Why do you draw/paint fantasy art and portraits?I love fantasy art because it's creative, fun and magical and portrait art because I like capturing peoples expressions and emotions.