My apologies if some of the pics are not that clear i used my digital camera to take
the WIP pics instead of scanning.

Step 1 ) I always begin my paintings by transferring my
sketch with clean lines and no smudges to my Hot press Arches Watercolor paper, using a light h2 graphite
Before i do this i make sure and tape down my watercolor paper so no 'wrapping' occurs when
the painting process begins, i use masking tape for artists.If you use water blocks pad to paint on
no need to use masking tape unless you are going for a border effect.

Step 2 )
The painting process begins, when i paint i use different
kind of brands of watercolor paint i dont stick to one,
I started out by diluting a very light blue color I used Grumbacher turquoise and applied a light coat
all over the painting,background and figure,
i was careful not to apply color in the angels eyes.

Step 3 )
My original sketch had a lot more red roses which i later eliminated
to give the painting a more darker/Gothic look.
In this stage i added green and pinkish colors to the roses and

Step 4 )
In step 4 I started work on the cross ,gate/fence
which was the most challenging part of the painting,
I basically used black watercolor paint for the gates and when i wanted really light
Grey color i diluted it with a lot of water.To get the details of the fonts right
after my wash dried i used my graphite pencil to outline
the letters and later used my watercolor black pencil to define the letters.

Step 5 )
In step 5 work on the cross and
background was complete and i started work on the main figure The Angel.

Step 6 )
I used my watercolor pencil and did
some light shading on her hair and angel wing to
give me a better idea how it would look painted.
For her skin tones i used a very light yellow orche
color and for the white highlights i used white charcoal pencil
which i mixed a little with white gouache over the watercolor,
but i wanted her skin to have a glossy shine look to it and i used my prismacolor pencils
to achieve that look.
Once i was happy with the skin tones/face
i moved on to finish painting her hair and wing,
i did a couple of black watercolor washes but i felt it was too light
and used black acrylic which tends to be a bit thicker.

Step 7 )
In the final step you can view the
finished painting with the additional changes i did to the background
eliminating some of the red roses to give it a darker look,
i did that by painting over the roses with a darker greenish color and using my
WC pencils for the Ivy/vine details and going over them with
watercolor green paint and a very thin paint brush.

I can't stress enough how important it is
to let washes of paint DRY first before you do any further work
especially if you are planning on using pencils ,
make sure your paper is dry ,
you may end up marking/damaging the paper if it's still wet.

Art Materials used :
Arches Hotpress Watercolor Paper
Grumbacher , Winsor & newton watercolor paint.
Karat Aquarell watercolor pencils & Prismacolor pencils.
Painting Brushes
Masking Tape.
Hope the painting process i shared was helpful.
Watercolor tutorial is copyrighted to katerina koukiotis
( all rights reserved,2009.

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