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The Ministry Trinity

~Commissioned Drawing~

Story: The Ministry Trinity
The Ministry is a legalistic body in Krytan government, some of whom are at odds with Queen Jennah. They are led by Legate Minister Caudecus Beetlestone the Wise, and their purpose is to draft policies and laws within Kryta and ensure the public's safety by determining where Seraph troops are sent. Vice-Legate Minister Gia Wolfé is the right hand of Legate Minister Beetlestone. Entrusted with many duties, the Vice-Legate Minister wields the power to achieve the goals of the Ministry and acts as judge for internal Ministry affairs. The second largest martial unit in Kryta is the Ministry Guard. Typically seen only in Divinity's Reach, it is their task to keep the peace in the Ministry and provide personal security for the Krytan ministers and their aides. Lord-Commander Morgan Valister of the Ministry Guard answers only to the Legate Minister, but maintains a painstakingly cultivated (if sometimes tenuous) relationship with Vice-Legate Minister Wolfé through the machinations of their sylvari lover, the spy Taneigg. Art belongs to Katerina Koukiotis Characters belong to Key (Taneigg), Lee (Gia Wolfé) and Rycas (Morgan Valister) Setting belongs to NCSoft

Completed with Graphite Pencil
on 8.5 x 11 watercolor paper.
8'5x11 Print -14.95

4x6 Print -6.50

2'5x3'5 (ACEO size print) Print -4.00

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