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Commissioned Artwork

"You shouldn't have!"

Ajith Koundinya wanted to agree, but if he agreed, he'd be a liar. After all these years, Sahiba was still his precocious little sister who just wanted to be noticed. Thus, tonight, he'd used his old connections to arrange this shindig, the opportunity for her to sing at the Coruscant Opera House. As he listened to her emotion-charged performance and watched the rapt expressions of the Coruscanti nobles around him, he knew.

He should have.

Ajith and Sahiba are the eldest son and daughter of the Koundinya family of Coruscant, whose place in high society is secured by Dr. Jai Koundinya's medical practice and Lady Ila Koundinya's connections. Being two of eight children is never an easy task, though, not for the firstborn son nor for the fifth-born child and daughter.

At 29, Ajith is a decade Sahiba's senior and her only male role model. He recognizes it's far too late to save her from their fate; one will become Sith and one will die trying. His younger sister wants nothing more than to continue pleasing the Academy Headmistress, Jistana, who has become her surrogate for their mother, and she's too far gone to ever return to innocence.

She'll always be his baby sister, so he's decided to make their time together count. When the dust clears, he means to be certain she'll be the one standing proud.
.................... Character and Story Copyrighted to Kirei.

Completed with Color Pencils&Gouache
on Vellum Bristol Board 8'5 x11, 2008.

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