The Making of "Precious Moments"

My apologies if some of the pics are not that clear i used my digital camera to take
the WIP pics instead of scanning.

Here are some tips and tricks
i used to create my Precious Moments artwork. This was a commissioned Baby portrait artwork completed with graphite pencils
and blue pastel for the background

I started out by shading very lightly the entire portrait with an H2 pencil,it took me about 3 hours of work,just for this stage
,i kept my shading smooth and my pencil strokes close to each other without adding any pressure to my pencil.
I like starting out my pencil artworks with light shading and use it as a foundation and to also get an idea what my artwork will look like.
H2 pencils have a hard lead and are very light and i often use it to shade blond hair, and fair skin tones,in this
case the baby i was making a portrait of is very fair with blue eyes and was wearing a white outfit and using H2 pencils was a perfect choice.

In step 2 i added more contrast to my shading, i used my darker softer pencil 2b,4b,6b for the eye iris,inside his mouth and
around the fingers, those were the parts of the portrait i used darker pencils .

From time to time with my fingers i smudge some of the pencil work, if you do this make sure your fingers are clean so you dont leave any
stump stains on your paper, to be safe use toilet paper or pencil stumps/tortillons.

When i want to pull out highlights i use my kneaded eraser :)

In step 3 I started working on the hands, which was the most difficult for me, i added as many details as i could
to make his little hands and fingers to look real. I also did some shading on his clothing, again very lightly using an H2 pencil.

In step 4 I added more details on his clothing ,particular his knitted vest.I also did some work on the ear giving it more depth and contrast.
I repeat all the steps above for a couple of layers until I'm satisfied with my work
This portrait took more than just 4 little steps to complete took a lot of hours of work and patience. Pencil art needs a lot of patience and a lot of layering of pencil work is needed
if you want to give your artwork a real life like appearance.

After i was done with my pencil work, i added some blue pastel on the background on my Client's request who is a fan of my black/white artworks with a hint of color.

I took a small pastel stick ( light blue ) scribbled in a seperate paper and used a clean dry painting brush to add the blue color giving it a cloudy/sky appearance,
I loved how it turned out and it had a beautiful contrast with the light pencil work.

Materials i used for this Artwork

Canson Smooth Bristol board - Link
Sanford Graphite PencilsLink
Kneaded Eraser - Link
Faber Castell Pastel- Link
You can also view my previous graphite pencil tutorial Here

Hope this walk through was helpful.
Tutorial copyrighted to Katerina Koukiotis

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