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Discover Katerina Koukiotis' captivating world of stunning portraits and fantasy paintings. Our collection of exquisite realism-style prints and artworks is perfect for collectors and gift-givers seeking one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Immerse yourself in the wonder!


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New Art

Updated , November , 29 , 2023 by Katerina
Sassenach Ravenna Pumpkins and Kittens Owl Witch Dandelion Dance

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My drawings , sketches, paintings are ALL HAND DRAWN .

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FAEsthetics V1 "Woodland Fantasy" Woodland Fantasy

Coloring Books "Flower Maidens" and "Woodland Fantasy"

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Original Drawings,Paintings for Sale please contact me if you are inetersted in a original drawing/painting thank you. On occasions i post originals on sale at my and Ebay Store
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All my original drawings and paintings
are signed with my initials on the front and full name title and year it was created in the back,Original artworks come with a certificate of Authenticity.
I do accept installment /partial payments on originals from 200.00 and over Payments need to be paid in full before artworks are mailed/shipped. Installments are not refundable.I mail/ship first class Local and International ,if you would like a different shipping method contact me.If you have any questions please contact katerina at katerinaart@aol.com

SOLD Artworks

Frozen elf Queen
Dolphin Skies
Petals of Angel Tears
No One
King of the North
Doorway to winter
Crimson and Clover
What Dreams May Come
Autumn Leaves
My Secret Rose
Spooky Eyes
Summer Beauty
Mermaid Eye
Dying Swan
Summer Magic
Mermaid Fantsea
Lady in Red
Melody of the sea
Fairest of them all
The White Queen
Longing for Spring
Sweet Mystery
Broken Hearted
Love Blossoms
Dragon Queen
Winter Fairytale
Romeo and Juliet
The Little Shepherd Boy
Northern Lights
Journey to Bethlehem
Winter Fairy Queen
Lady of Winter
Dreaming Of You
Moonlight Witchy Magic
In Between
Darkness Falls
Leaf Her Alone
The Good Witch
Dragon Beauty
Naiad Nymph
Red Panda
Celestial Goddess
Lost At Sea
Heavens Little Angel
Roses among thorns
Butterfly Secrets
Mermaid Moon
The Frog Princess
Sleeping Rosamund
The Young Messiah
Forbidden Love
Swan Song
Winter Roses
Butterfly upon my Nose
Padme Amidala
Christmas Spirit
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Lost Angel
Khal Drogo
Beastly Beauty
Winter is Coming
Fallen Angel
Ghost Whisperer
Mythical Mermaid
Rococo Beauty
Autumn Sparkles
Heart of the Ocean
Shells and Pearls
Mermaids Keepsake
Black Sea Pearls
Mermaid Dream
Carnival Balloons
Moonlight Sonata
Little Sirenita
Awakened Soul
Sweet Kitties
A Dark Undercurrent
Chicks and Bunnies
Dark Butterfly
Blooming Fairy
Alone in the Garden
Tiny Shells
Mermaid Sails
Tiny Mermaid
spring dream
White Christmas
I miss you
Forever Mine
Regia Amore
Love Spell
Magical Dreams
Threes a Crowd
Kitty Spell
Siren of Love
Last Dance
Winter Bird
Frozen Sisters
Sweet Candy
Elven Snow Queen
Winter Magic
Fairy Witch
Follow Me
Peppermint Candy
Danse Macabre
Eternal Sleep
Little Luna
Little Gothic Beauty
Sorceress of Light
Touch Of Autumn
Sea of roses
A gothic fairytale
Once upon a dream
Vigil Witch
The Last Candle
Baby Angel Boy
Aqua Sirena
Enchanted Forest
Falling Leaves
Midsummer Dream
Midsummer Fairy Dream
Daughter of Triton
Tails and Scales
Lantern of the Mermaid
Seashell Beauty
Her Hair fell in Waves
Sounds of the Ocean
New Beginnings
Blood Moon
Tiny Bubbles
Black Iris
Steampunk Melancholia
Spirit of the Forest
Angel Mother
Athena Greek Goddess
Fairy Cherry Blossom Baby
Bluebells Fairy Baby
Violet Delights
Bunny Love
Tangled Braid
Pretty In Pink
Gift of Love
Do you want to build a snowman
Once Upon a Winter
Winter Hugs
Pool of Tears
Harvest Moon
Witch's Brew
Winter Wonderland
Black Fairy kitty
Bella and Victoria (Eclipse)
Christmas Shoes
The Cutest Witch
Twilight Magic
Shadows of the Moon
Bubble Treasures
Winter Lullaby
Fairytale Witch
Unicorn Magic
Witching Spell
Hidden Treasure
Swan Lake
Hades and Persephone
Mushroom Fairy
Autumn Dream
The Runaway Princess
Pin Up Beauty
La Luna
Butterfly Wings
Favourite Dolly
Beyond the Rainbow
Witch Angelique
In a Wonderland
Fancy tail
Kitty Magic
Dragon Lore
The Cat Maiden
Daughter of the Ocean
Angel of Spring
Hoppy Easter
Love is in the Air
Selene Moon Goddess
Awakening of Spring
Expecting Fairy
Flowers for Jesus
Tempest of Ice
Le Jardin Secret
Forget me not Fairy
Sea Goddess
Beautiful Beast
Mad Queen Ravenna
Madame Butterfly
Precious Heart
Butterfly Fairy Kisses
Fairys Touch
Intertwined Roses
Spring Fairy
Fairy Cocoa Love
Love never dies
Snow Angel
Fallen Angel
Nutty Crown
Christmas Fairy
Kitty Toy
Autumn Beauty
Halloween Cutie
Fairy Tea Party
Balletto dei Morti
The Witching Hour
Vintage Beauty
Young and Beautiful
Angel's Lost Wing
Spirited Away
Sitting Pretty
Berrylicious Dream
Mermaids Summer Dream
Cherry Blossom Pink
Hansel and Gretel
Mermaid's Ship
Water Creature
Irish Pixie ACEO
Sea Elf ACEO
Irish Pixie ACEO
Green butterfly ACEO
Mermaid Blues ACEO
Silent Love ACEO
First Kiss ACEO
Fake Doll ACEO
Secret Kisses( Eros and Psyche)
Clockwork Fantasia ACEO
Listen to your Heart ACEO
Black Swan
Bella's Eyes
Swirls of Snow ACEO
Dark Swan ACEO
Fallen Star ACEO
Autumn Leave ACEO
Snow White and the Huntsman
Alice in Wonderland
Alice Falling
Message in a Bottle
Queen of hearts ACEO
Teardrop ACEO
Dia de los Muertos
Violet Tears ACEO
The Green Fairy ACEO
Enchanted Visions ACEO
Easter Fairy ACEO
Masquerade Ball ACEO
Mermaid Freckles ACEO
Irish Freckles ACEO
Never leave you ACEO
Male Vampire ACEO
Snowflake Fairy
Pink Dreams - ACEO
Swan Queen
Cordelia Aceo
Broken Doll ACEO
Out of the Blue ACEO
Lady of the Light ACEO
Spring's Promise
Haunted pumpkin mansion ACEO
Too much candy ACEO
Poison Witch ACEO
Frozen in time ACEO
Raining ACEO
Wicked Lovely ACEO
Mystic Waters ACEO
Along came a spider
Breaking Dawn
My valentine rose
Be Mine
Let it snow
Midnight Masquerade
Crimson Wings
Little Witch
Halloween Critters - ACEO
Wicked Witch
Hallow's Eve(ACEO)
Angelique Vampiress
Samhain Beauty (Aceo)
New Moon (Aceo)
Trick Or Treat
Twilight (ACEO)
The Locket
Wild Rose
The Raven
Cradle of Love
Forgotten Summer
A Mermaid's Treasure
Spring is in the Air
Shades of Blue
The Snow Queen
The Nutcracker
Autumn Harmony
Halloween Witch
The Gift
Mermaid's Treasure
Alice in Wonderland
The princess and the Goblin
Mermaid's Touch
The Nightingale
Irish fae
The Frog Prince
The Little Match Girl
Sleeping Beauty
Snow Queen
Halloween Night
Pumpkin Witch
Cael and Sheera
Little Red Riding Hood
Over the Rainbow
Goddess Isis
Little Mermaid
Angel Eyes
Baby Jesus
The Little Mermaid
Snow White
Beauty and the Beast
Fairy Bride
Irish nymph
Winter's Rose
Briar rose
Halloween Magic
A Mermaid's Tale
Moonlit Mermaid
Waterlily Beauty
Home for the Holidays
Sea Witch
Autumn's Witch
Frost Queen
Aquarium Beauty
Sea Rose Beauty
A Mermaid's Crown
Fairy Rose
Fairy and Child
Mermaid and Child
A Mermaid's Love
The Look Of love
Romeo and Juliet
Shamrock Fairy
Irish Beauty

Art For Sale

Raindrops on Roses
Return to Me
Winter Starlight
Love of a Future Past
Star Dancer
Lonely Soul
Marie Anoinette
Dance of the Swan
First Snow
Vampire Queen
Lady of the Forest
Ballet De Papillon
Angelic Ballerina
Seahorse Dreams
Dreaming on Aquamarine Tides
Marie Antoinette
Beautiful Witch

Wicked Moon
The Princess Bride
Forever Mine
So this is Love
Kiss Me